Hey Cas… if you’re too nice to kill Metatron here are a few options

1) take his grace, you’ll be better (even if only for awhile), and he’ll be stupid and mortal and can’t chase his overlord dreams

or this much simpler 

2) let me kill him 

Crowley is reminiscing and looking at pictures of him and Dean and I’m SCREamINg  

Oh stop it Samatha

This dude is a joke
Me watching the guy who thinks he’s going to kill Dean 

hey deanmon… I don’t know if you got the memo but you’re supposed to love Sammy

I get that Cas is the one that’s dying, but it sure as hell feels like I am

Hear me. I will find my brother. Or I will die trying. (10.01)

Season 1-10 title cards


Sammy, let me go.